Beamly – TV with friends is a social app in the world you love! when you watched TV with your family & friends all together in one room? With Beamly, that room is still there, it’s just in a different form – it’s virtual.


– Beamly is a social networking app that enhances the viewing of your TV shows.
– Gives you all of the latest news on your favorite shows, celebs & stars.
– Chatting with family & friends has never been easier or more fun.
– Launch the app from any of your devices & you have everything & everyone back at your fingertips.
– Beamly opens the door to room & brings everyone back together!
– You chat LIVE during your shows.
– Don’t be surprised if you make some new friends while you’re at it.
– Making friends with your same interests has never been easier.
– Now, go download the app & go on an adventure you didn’t even know was possible!

Beamly – TV with friends

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