Demon Hunter provides you with exciting fighting experience! Four roles and eight careers are available here! Just awesome. Download and enjoy now.


– Mysterious & Dazzling ninja skills, like summoning your guardian pet, can turn any target to ashes.
– Owns an invincible sword, which can cut everything impossible.
– Has unique shooting techniques and tactics.
– Magnificent and real scenes.
– Astonishing music.
– Unique fighting system.
– Skills and combos varying with careers.
– Unique role upgrading system.
– Cool weapons to be collected.
– Endless level, waiting for you to challenge.
– Scorches enemies’ souls into ashes by releasing hell fire.
has powerful force and flexible fighting arts.
– Masters seal swordsmanship, with large-scale damage.
– Ices all filth in the vast universe.

Demon Hunter

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