FlashFox Flash Browser is a browser with Flash Player where everything works perfectly. Using The fastest Adobe Flash Player enabled browser in the Android market take full web experience with on your Android phone. A must have app for online games and streaming audio/video lovers.
Now You can enjoy live sports, Flash videos, flash games, Netflix, Amazon Prime, movies…just like being on a Computer browser.

-Access, browse, and search the web at the fastest speeds.

– Smart searching features with easy-to-use tabs.

– Hard privacy with extensive security settings, add-ons, and features.

– HTML5, Flash enabled sites, web form supported without any extra plugin.

NOTE: To view flash content you need to tap on “request desktop site”. Zoom-in on the flash content for it load as by default, Smaller area flash content is not automatically loaded for performance reason.

FlashFox – Flash Browser

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  1. Sanjeev kunar

    Its amazing app


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