Summoners War turns to you an amazing game that experience epic battles with stunning 3D graphics! Witness the dazzling display of each Monster’s unique skills! Play now and get the limited edition Fairy Queen for FREE!


– Come explore a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals.
– Summon over 400 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena.
– Collect as many monsters as you can from a collection of over 400 monsters with different Attributes of Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark.
– Transform your 1-Star monster into a 6-Star monster through Power-ups, Evolutions, and Skill Power-ups.
– The Rune System allows you to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters.
– Decorate your Village, battle other summoners, explore Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train Monsters, and more!
– Unleash your monsters on Auto Mode for simple, easy battles!
– You can play in English, Français, Deutsch, Português, Español, Русском, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, or 中文繁體.

What’s new:

Explore a world under battle and summon monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena!
We’ve fixed up some minor bugs!
Check out our latest update, too!
– You can now play Summoners War in Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai!
– New volume setting.
– Skill balancing modified.
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Summoners War

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